About Tide & Country

At Tide & Country we want to help other businesses succeed. We all know a picture is worth 1000 words, so we want to help paint that picture...or at least print it. We are a one stop shop for your signage needs. We can print your storefront sign for your new business or revamp an old one and bring your company to life with a fresh new one. We also love to provide a company with stickers. We believe stickers are the new business cards. They are the new age of branding. They "stick" out. Put them on a cooler, a cup, a wall, hand them out as your business cards. They go where you go. Every business needs them. Not only can we do all that, but we also specialize in labels, decals, banners, and so much more.




For Michael it started when he saw Chico's Monkey Farm Signs being painted by a family friend, Mr. Hunter. They had so many bright colors and awesome graphics. The creator/artist in him awoke. He knew he wanted to create things like that for businesses.

For Mackenzie it all started in a little sign shop... Michael was making signs and banners while Mackenzie was playing stick ball (with the left over vinyl) with her older brother in a little open space. All of a sudden she would hear "Mack! Come here; I want to show you something!"

That's when it began! They became a dynamic duo (father and daughter). Known as MacGyver and Little Macyver, they can do it all, but they love fun and exciting works of art. They don't want work to be boring and they certainly love being their own boss.

Tide & Country was born because of course the business is located in Savannah, GA which is a mixture of both, Tide & Country, but it also is a description of Michael and Mackenzie. He's Tide and she is Country. He loves to fish and if you ever hear her speak then you'll understand why she is Country. That is also why they chose a turtle for their company's mascot. A turtle can be from the country, or it can be a beautiful sea turtle which travels the world.

Michael B. Waters, Sr.

Mackenzie S. Waters